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Use iCount to count just about anything.
- large count button
- choice of sound effects
- email/sms counter value
- long-press value to enter specific starting value
- fixed portrait mode to keep it simple
- negative/positive buttons
- long-press Reset button to avoid accidental resets
- seekbar to choose counter increments (step)
- day and night modes
- lock screen
- auto-save enabled; no lost counters
- tablet/phone compatible

Press the main Count Button to tally or count attendance, scores, votes, goals, points, sports events, etc. Optionally use the volume keys to count. Use the green/red buttons to change positive/negative counting direction. Long press the blue button to reset the count. NEXT and PREV buttons move between the 3 full-size counters - each have their own count and name. The ACTION button allows you to rename the current counter, as well as send an email or text of the count. Use the preferences context menu to view the about screen or set various preferences. Count by 1, 2, 5, 10, 50.

Preferences include sound effects, vibration, volume key counting. Choose from 9 different sound effects. Optionally set an email address or SMS Text Messaging number and carrier. We do not store or use your email/sms number for anything other than sending you a message of your count. This is an optional feature, should you care to use it. (And we feel that it is very useful).
This is free ad supported application.
Please report issues/suggestions by email.

Questions or comments: icount@thatsbydesign.com
Twitter: @ThatsByDesign


ver 1.0 [January 2012]
Initial launch version




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