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We can help with your custom web and mobile development needs.

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Web Development

Custom web development solutions are available, using technologies such as: Java, .Net, PHP, Python, etc. We can also help with image editing, audio scrubbing, video tweaks, email generation, and more.

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HTML5, JavaScript

With over a decade of html, css, and javascript experience, we can help out with front-end webpages and html-based emails. Also, we have experience with HTML and JavaScript interactions within Android & iOS apps.

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Java Development

Over a decade of Java experience - mainly back-end server code for a myriad of purposes. Email, PDF manipulation, database access, web services, image manipulation, and more.

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PHP Solutions

Over a decade of PHP experience, we can handle one-off page tweaks, or full CMS systems. We've integrated with WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and CodeIgniter, as well as running batch processes (cron jobs).

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Android Apps

We have written Android apps from scratch, and sometimes just help test and add features. We have produced apps for the Google Play Store, and the Nook Store, and the Amazon app store. We have integrated with web services, and cloud platforms.

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iOS Apps

We have helped test and prototype apps for iOS. We have used cloud solutions to provide a single back-end storage mechanism for our Android and iOS apps.

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